Mr. A.Thinaguru


Ar. Thinaguru an young visionary with remarkable business acumen, is an Entrepreneur par excellence. His passion is mirrored by the multifaceted nature of the TG Groups and his determination to take the organization to the next level.

He is the project manager and the head of Architecture Division and also the CEO-TG Groups. Growing with TG Groups and confronting endless new challenges, he has carried out various roles, from project Coordinator to Construction and Site Manager to designer. Based on experience and practice, now he is looking to extend his business area and indulge in a variety of project typologies.

Having graduated in India and completing Masters in Construction Management in the United Kingdom, Ar. Thinaguru conceptualizes and implements key ideas in business and design that seem improbable among peers until he informs of the practical methodology to realize the same. He focuses on the principle of human-centric design and adopts ideals that increase flexibility. He is an architect who understands design from the end-user perspective and gains applied knowledge through built structures.

He stands in the vanguard, actively directing the development of the team and the establishment as a whole. A skilled facilitator, he has been the point person for many of the complex projects. He also looks over the client interface; administering meetings, master planning, scheduling and monitoring of Architectural, Landscape and Interior Design projects.

Ar. Thinaguru believes that the collective synergy between the team, its leaders and the clients is the keystone of any establishment's exponential growth and enduring success.

Ar. Thinaguru is an active member of various professional organizations of IIA, IGBC. His competitive spirit grew with his participation in all-round athletic events all his school and college life and winning major sport events at district and state levels. He secured National Student Award in Competition for Best Innovative use of Steel in Architecture 2008-2009 for World class Bus Terminus Design at College.

"To travel is to take a journey into yourself." Travels, as he says, have taught him much about people, life and ambitions. He is a globetrotter and has visited over 25 countries learning its culture, lifestyle of the people and architecture.